About Herculaneum

Herculaneum is a town of about 53,000 inhabitants, situated only a few kilometers away from Naples - a city with a rich history, culture and beauty but also with some contradictions.
For a long time Hercolaneum was a holiday destination for the elite society of the Roman Empire and a few meters from Hercolaneum a palace which was built by Charles III of Bourbon adorns the beautiful scenery . Unfortunately, in recent years the urban area were destroyed by a negligent policy that has approved the construction of many illegal houses on the slopes of Vesuvius. Overall, the city is very safe for tourists .
Herculaneum is a town that has always countered difficulties. For example, the criminal organization "Camorra", that demanded bribes from the merchants in the region, was banished with the help of the state from the region.
Herculaneum has all the cards in hand to ensure that business can be driven by tourism - it is the home of the world's probably most important museum with unique conserved archaeological pieces, The excavations at Herculaneum - a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
With the active but currently dormant volcano Mount Vesuvius in its back Herculaneum does have a further concern, but from the edge of the crater you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view. The Vesuvius was also declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Biosphere Reserve.
TheMAV ( Virtual Archaeological Museum ) near the excavations shows in a unique way with the help of modern technology the life and habits of the Romans before the eruption in 79 AD in Herculaneum and Pompeii.
In Hercolaneum you can also find the Basilica of Pugliano, the oldest Marian Shrine of Campania - rich in history and only a few meters from the vintage market Resina offering his goods since the Second World War. The reign of the Bourbons left the villas of the Miglio d' oro (Golden Mile), among which you can find the Villa Campolieto, to whose architects the famous Vanvitelli can be counted and a few meters from the excavations there is the Royal Palace of Portici the museum of Ercolano.
There are many things to see when you arrive in Hercolaneum!
Even from the gastronomic point of Hercolaneum has a lot to offer. The products of the region have due to the influence of the volcano an unique taste - try them!
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