Who we are

Visit Ercolano is a project which was born with love and passion to our earth – rich in terms of potential but also with a lot of problems to be solved.
We want to help to create a world we all can imagine and in we all believe.
A world where things like a rich culture, the common good and healthy food are natural.
2000 years ago Ercolano was one of the most popular vacation spots in the "Roman Empire" and famous for its beautiful scenery, crystal clear sea and some houses were already so advanced that they had connections for cold and hot water (in the rest of Europe you had for this progress wait until the 15th century).
We at Visitercolano would like to share our story with you which can be seen not only as an opportunity for the citizens of Ercolano - this applies to every person who wants to enjoy one of the most exciting and thrilling journey through the history of the world currently has to offer.
Maybe you can also help us to improve our project goals - we appreciate any advice and of course are also open for some criticis.
Our partners have been chosen not only for economic reasons, they also share our philosophy to work together for a good cause.
„Always with love and passion“
Visit Ercolano

visit ercolano
visit ercolano